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Date Saturday, June 11th
Start Time 5:00pm


Open- $300


100 spots sold
rodeo ran
No Membership required
Not ABRA sanctioned


Box Stall

Info Page

Dress Code & Rules:

Full cowboy attire
Cuff, collars, cowboy hat and Boots or Helmet

Online Entry:

Date Open May 10 2022
Date Close June 3  2022
Pre Pay Only

Turn Out Fine:

All Turns out before Sunday June 5  2022 6:00pm will be
refunded and will not be in the payout. After Sunday
June 5  2022 you will not receive a refund and the
entry fee will remain in the payout.

Roll your run

You have an option to roll you Saturday  Mega Bucks Rodeo Slot Race into Saturday or the Sunday Money Bags Jackpot. This will allow you to qualify for Money Bag  day money and allow you to qualify for the average cash bonus. Just need to enter the horse in both jackpots( mega bucks and Money Bags Saturday or Sunday) and let the office know by June 5 2022 you would like to roll the times.

Payout Open:

Based on 100 entries
Payout may change depending on entries
1st- $10,000
2nd- $6500
3rd- $3400
4th- $2400
6th- $700

Payout is not guarantee
Payout spots may change depending on number of entries.
Paid out by E  Transfer